How to Make a Quilt Design Wall

If you’ve never heard of a quilt design wall it is basically a ‘wall’ or board that is covered in a material that will let you stick quilt blocks, fabric swatches, or in some cases even entire quilt tops to it.

Materials Used – Quilt Design Wall

– Thick cardboard or foam core insulation board – Duct Tape or Gorilla Tape – Batting – Flannel or Flannelette Sheet  – Heavy Duty Velcro – Optional


I had a very specific design wall space in mind behind my sewing table. I wanted more white in the room and the space behind my chair was just the biggest bit of wall space that could take a design wall.

Decide what size to make your design wall


I used some leftover packaging (extra thick corrugated cardboard) and duct-taped the pieces together to make one big rectangular-shaped board.

Choose and/or construct your backing board


Once you have a board of the size you want you need to cover it with some sort of material that will help your quilt blocks stick to it without pins.

Attach your batting


Note: this bit is totally optional – you can absolutely make a design wall free standing if you like. Swipe up to see how I approached attaching it for those of you interested in more permanent design walls.

Attaching the Design Wall to the wall

The final size of my design wall is 58″ wide by 36″ tall.

Finished Quilt Design Wall

Swipe up for the full detailed tutorial!

Quilting Design Wall – Video Tutorial