How to Declutter and Sell Your Excess Fabric Online

As a sewer, eventually, your fabric stash will outgrow the space you have to store it in.

If you are interested in making some extra money and getting rid of your fabric stash, read on for some tips on how to sell fabric online.

I sorted my pile it into three piles: – to re-organize – to make into a quick project – to sell

Selling My Unwanted Fabric 


I quickly measured what exact size the fabric I wanted to sell was and at the same time, I took photos of each piece.

Get Clear on What you are Selling

Depending on where you want to sell online it is probably a good idea to open a PayPal account if you don’t have one already.

Where to Sell Fabrics Online


The most important thing to remember is to use good lighting on a non-distracting background.

Take good photos

Use terms that people might use to search for the item as well as specific details like fabric content and dimensions.

Use keywords


Make sure your pricing is realistic. No one wants to buy something they can find cheaper elsewhere.

Set Realistic Prices

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