How to Create a Quilted Wall Hanging from Scraps

This one is a super easy quilt-as-you-go style piece of wall art to help you highlight and make the most of your beautiful scraps!

Materials Needed

– Frame – Fabric – Piece of batting

Prepare your batting and frame

You can use really any frame you have that has a mount (mat) included with it. I used an old Ikea frame that has definitely seen better days and doesn’t have glass in it to create my piece of wall art.

Choose your Fabric Pieces

Next, you’ll want to choose which fabric scraps you want to use. You may want to stick with a color theme or certain patterns.

I chose orange, pink, and purple scraps to keep it all  color-coordinated the way I wanted it. Place your batting on a flat surface and start laying out your fabric strips in the order you like them in.

Sewing Guide for your Quilted Wall Hanging

Once you have your fabric scraps laid out exactly how you want them on the batting, take a picture of your layout so you can remember what order you want to sew things in.

Move your strips over to your sewing machine and start by lengthening any strips that need a little bit of extra fabric.

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How to Create a Quilted Wall Hanging from Scraps – Video Tutorial