Reviewing the Horn Sewing Cabinet

Here's my review of the Horn Sewing Cabinet – Quilter’s Delight Edition – honest and unbiased. I am not sponsored by them!

The Horn Sewing Cabinet

I will talk about why I bought it and what other good sewing tables and sewing furniture options there are out there.

Why I bought my Horn Sewing Cabinet

In general, a Horn sewing cabinet is considered a high-end sewing cabinet. So they aren’t cheap.

I’ll explain why I bought mine anyway and what some of the cheaper alternatives are.

Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism

The table/cabinet has a lift mechanism so you can use the sewing machine with the free arm (top position).

You can also use it with the flatbed insert for quilting (middle position), and also completely lower it out of sight.

Alternatives Sewing Table Options

Weever Dee - They also have other models that are smaller and fold away even more for small spaces.

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Horn Sewing Review Video