Fun Christmas Tree Quilt Block – For Crumbs & Scraps!

You don’t need any complicated measuring or math for this block, we are going to make these christmas tree blocks ‘improv-style’.

– Red & Green Fabric Strips – Background fabric – Small brown fabric scrap – A triangle ruler, accuquilt die, or a freehand drawn triangle.

Supply List

Keeping in mind the size of quilt block you want to make, find (or draw) a triangle shape that would fit well within that size of block.

Step 1: Pick the Size of Your Tree

I made these tree blocks using two different methods for the main body of the tree itself.

Step 2: Create your Tree

If you are using an existing crumb block you can skip this step. Start with an off-kilter-looking triangle to be the top of your tree.

Step 3: Improv Piecing

Once you have either a crumb block in green or a slab of green and red stripey pieced fabric you are ready to cut out your tree.

Step 4: Cut out your Tree

Choose a piece of background fabric to add to your tree piece.

Step 3: Add Background Fabric

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Fun Christmas Tree Quilt Block - Video Tutorial