Easy Tutorial for One Color Crumb Quilt Block

If you’re the type of quilter who saves these small pieces of fabric and your scrap bin is a bit out of control then this is a great idea to use up those fabric scraps. 

Materials Used:

– Sewing machine – Sewing thread – Rotary cutter – Bits of fabric – Ironing board

Step 1: Sort your fabric scraps by color

It does look a little bit nicer if the shades are grouped together. I try to find the smallest pieces to start with. 

I try to find pieces that are similar in size. Then line them up, right sides to right sides with a shared edge.

Step 2: Line your crumbs up

Step 3: Chain piece the crumbs together

Next, you chain-piece them together with the sewing machine.  I use a scant ¼” seam when I’m doing these. 

When I feel like I have enough pieces together, I cut the thread. 

Step 4:

Each time I add a crumb to another piece, I take them to my wool pressing mat and press the seams with my iron to one side. This just helps keep everything flat and easier to work with. 

Step 5: Iron

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Easy Tutorial for One Color Crumb Quilt Block – Video Tutorial