Make a Cushion Cover from an Orphan Block

This tutorial is all about how to easily make a cushion cover from an orphan block.

Buying Orphan Blocks

Recently I  started buying other people’s unfinished quilt blocks. When a quilt block is sewn together (called piecing a block) but it doesn’t make it into an actual quilt it gets called an ‘orphan block’.

Most quilters have at least a few of these lying around. This is often because quilters make test blocks for patterns to see if they like fabric combinations or test a technique.


This tutorial also includes my favourite zipper hacks.

Zipper Hacks

I have really tried to follow the instructions I have seen for sewing straight zippers but they never quite resulted in a straight line for me!

I came up with two methods for sewing my zippers that involve lining my foot up against different parts of my project depending on how far or near the zipper teeth I want to stitch.

I used one method each for the two cushions I made so I could show you the difference.

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