Contemporary Scrap Quilt Patterns We Love

Scrap quilts are a great way to make a dent in that pile of fabric scraps of course.

But for many, the idea of a ‘scrap quilt’ conjures up images of mismatched fabric and randomness that might not be to their taste.

Contemporary Scrap Quilt Patterns We Love

I have compiled a list of modern scrappy quilts. I hope you will be inspired to make something different with your scrap stash!

Scrappy Strips Quilt Tutorial

Use up some of those scrappy strips with this funky modern design. This a great, easy-to-sew quilt for beginners.


Rainbow Raindrops Baby Quilt

Perfect for gifting at a baby shower, this cute quilt is ideal for using little scraps of different colored fabrics.

X Marks the Scrap

The central X strips are made with tiny scrap fabric crumbs and the background fabric is also scrappy!

Modern Scrap Quilt - Improv Style

This fun improv quilt pattern is perfect for making a dent in your fabric stash.

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