Best Sewing Scissors for Quilters

If you have too many scissors you will just get confused and clutter up your space so it’s best to pick a selection of 4-5 pairs that work will for you.

Prym Embroidery Scissors

I use them to cut threads, for trimming seams, and sometimes even as a bit of a stiletto to push a wayward seam in the right direction under my presser foot!

Karen Kay Buckley 4-Inch Perfect Scissors

Great for cutting the small details, curves, or points, these Karen Kay Buckley scissors have become popular with quilters.

Gingher Knife Applique Scissors

The handles aren’t bulky which gives you a good view of the material or fabric you are cutting, and they have a chrome over nickel finish for durability.

These small trimming scissors are great for snipping off those loose end threads and will give you a clean cut.

Trimming Scissors

Heritage Rag Quilting Snips

They are spring loaded, which makes it easy to quickly cut along the seams, and your fingers will be comfortable while cutting and snipping because of their ergonomic handles.

Their unique shape helps keep the fabric flat and are strong enough to cut through denim and multiple pieces of fabric at a time.

Fiskars Rag Quilt Snips

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