Best Interfacing for T-Shirt Quilts: A Beginner's Guide!

I researched the best ways to make T-Shirt Quilts and applied that to my Tote Bag project, so I’ve done the legwork for you.

Whether you want to start small like me with a one T-shirt tote bag or do a whole quilt keep reading and all you have to do next is get started on your T-shirt project.

The rule of thumb is that the stabilizer should be 100% cotton, just like the fabric, it is adhering to.

What kind of stabilizer should you use for  T-shirt Quilts?


You want a natural, lightweight woven cotton stabilizer such as (EZ-TEE or STABILITEE) to name a couple of brands I have used. It should also be fusible on one side.  Thus the term fusible interfacing.

The process is to turn your T-shirt design side down and put the stabilizer bumpy side down on top, then press with your iron until the stabilizer has fused to the back of the T-shirt.

How to Use Interfacing on T-Shirts

A good amount of stabilizer (interfacing) for a T-shirt quilt is 10 yards. That sounds like a lot, I know!

How Much Interfacing do I need for a T-Shirt Quilt?Quilt in a Week!

This yardage depends on many factors, like the size of the T-shirts used. You may be making a quilt out of child size T-shirts rather than a large adult so that would make a big difference.

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