Best Foundation Paper Piecing Paper – Testing 7 Kinds!

I love foundation paper piecing. For me, it is an easy way to make something that looks super precise.

What is Foundation Paper Piecing Paper?

Foundation Paper Piecing or FPP for short, is a technique used to help sewers and quilters to piece quilt blocks with precision.

FPP Paper Review Criteria

Ask yourself these: - Can I see through it? – How does it feel to sew on? – Can I press on it?

Different Types of FPP Paper

1.Regular Printer Paper

– It was easy to sew through the printer paper. – It was easy to press.

2.Freezer Paper

The freezer paper went through the printer easily. Just a note, you need to print on the mat side, not the shiny side.

3. Perfect Piecing Foundation Sheets

The paper was easy to remove. The directions say you can leave it on and complete the quilt, but I have never tried that.

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Best Foundation Paper Piecing Paper Review -  Video