My AccuQuilt Die Collection

I went through my AccuQuilt Die Collection recently and here is a run-through of all of the dies I own and what I use them for.

A word on Seam Allowances:

It is worth noting when you are purchasing AccuQuilt Dies that they cut for the 1/4″ quilter’s seam allowance.

The Crazy Petals Die is one of my most used dies even though I haven’t used it (yet) for it’s intended purpose which is to make applique flowers.

Crazy Petals Die

I used it for my Rainbow Raindrops Baby Quilt and I am currently using it for my Weight Loss Quilt.

I use my Circles Die a lot. It has 2″, 3″ and 5″ Circles. I use the 2″ & 3″ circles for my Weight Loss Quilt.

Circles Die

You can also use this for sun shapes, soft toy tummies, wheels, sports balls and snowman to name a few.

I have a number of Strip Cutter Dies for cutting fabric strips and I love them. The one I use most often is the 2.5″ Strip Die which I use for cutting my binding strips.

Strip Dies

Here are all the strip cutter dies I own: - 2.5” Strip Die – Used for binding strips and sashing - 2” Strip Die – For thinner binding strips and sashing - 1 1/2” Strip Die – For sashing and strip quilts

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