19+ Free Quilt Block Patterns for your Scrap Fabric! 

If you have a scrap pile running over, I’m hoping that you will find some fun quilt blocks to help you make the most of all your scraps.

Free Scrap Fabric Quilt Block Patterns

Grab your scrap stash and dive into these fun and easy scrappy quilt blocks!

Scrappy Hexagon Quilt Block - No Measuring!

This is a fun improv log cabin quilt block that starts with any size hexagon.

This is a simple quilt block designed to showcase floral scraps and keeping a clean modern look.

Scrap Fabric Quilt Block

These blocks are super fun to make and great for using up the ends of leftover binding strips.

Fun Denim Quilt Blocks with Binding Scraps

Crumb Quilting Tutorial

Putting these crumbs together can be a lovely bit of fun mindless sewing and by creating a few rules for yourself.

My favorite type of scrap quilting is color-coordinated. So more often than not my crumb quilt blocks are sorted by color too.

One Crumb Quilt Block 

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