18 Best Sewing Scissors for Quilters (2022)

If you have too many scissors you will just get confused and clutter up your space so it’s best to pick a selection of 4-5 pairs that work will for you.

Kai Dressmaking Shears

The Kai dressmaking shears will provide you with long-lasting sharpness and have become a top favorite for many quilters, despite the dressmaking name.

Premium Tailor Scissors

Good heavy-duty multi-purpose scissors like these LIVINGO premium tailor scissors can be great for cutting fabric.

Singer ProSeries Bent Scissors

The bent handle on these Singer Proseries scissors will help the fabric stay flat as you cut along the patterns or lines.

Ideal for providing clean cuts through thinner fabrics, these RazerEdge shears are made with stainless steel blades giving you heavy-duty shears that you can use for quilting.

RazorEdge Fabric Shears

Titanium Coating Fabric Scissors

These scissors are lightweight and designed for people with arthritis to easily cut fabric.

They help reduce the chances of fraying and can be good for finishing raw edges on small projects made with your quilting scraps like coasters and kid’s toys.

Pinking Shears

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