Without a Pattern, I Made My Triangle Madness Quilt!

I get impatient cutting out pieces, measuring, and trying to figure out if I have enough fabric. So often I prefer to wing it, which is what I did with my Triangle Madness Quilt.

Tips Before You Start Making a Quilt without a Pattern

– Choose a color palette – Start with a set group of fabrics pulled from your stash – A set technique, block, or shape that you want to try – Decide who the quilt is for

Making a Start

I pulled out a mix of yellow pink and low volume/white fabrics to start off with.

Some were large pieces, fabric remnants I’d bought on eBay or from quilt fabric scrap bags, and some were smaller scraps leftover from other quilt projects.

Once I had done the initial cutting and piecing in pairs I made a slight change of direction, which is something you always have the option to do when you are making a quilt without a pattern.

Changing Direction

I had 8 rows of Triangles as follows:

Rows 1 & 8 – 15 Triangles Rows 2 & 7 – 17 Triangles Rows 3 & 6 – 19 Triangles Rows 4 & 5 – 21 Triangles Then I had to figure out how to add a background fabric.

In this case, the issue was how to add a backing fabric. Should I add it in great big pieces or continue with my rows?

Problem Solving

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