WIP's and UFO's in Quilting

New quilters may already be asking what is a WIP and what is a UFO? – don’t worry I’ll get to that.

In quilting, UFO stands for Unfinished Object. So a quilt project of some sort that is not finished and does not get pulled out and worked on.

What is a UFO?

A WIP, or Work in Progress is a term used in the quilting world to talk about a quilt project that is ongoing.

What is a WIP?

This project has been untouched for so long that it certainly would be called a UFO by many quilters.

WIP #1: Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt 1930’s

This was a quilt as you go style quilt that I started last year with the intention of giving it to a friend as a wedding gift.

UFO #1: Strip Quilt

I love denim quilts. I’ve made two so far – one a picnic blanket quilt and the other an improv style denim quilt.

UFO #2: Denim Braid Quilt

The exercise was meant to be to make your own sampler quilt using block prompts from other members.

UFO #3,4 & 5: Orphan Blocks 

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My WIPs and UFO’s – Video Tour