Where to Buy Cheap Fabric for Quilting

Here are ways that I use to save money while building my quilting fabric stash.

Family and Friends

Ask around the people you know if anyone wants to offload some old clothes, bedding or towels.

Quilt Shop Newsletters for Flash Sales

Sign up for the email list for your favorite quilt shops’ newsletter. If you don’t want to miss a sale, newsletters are a great tool.

Yard Sales & Garage Sales

Occasionally you can get lucky and find someone destashing their own or a relative’s quilting stash right there on their front lawn!

It is the result of overproduction of a particular line of fabric or sometimes small errors in the fabric printing that makes it unusable for its intended purpose.

Deadstock Fabric

Facebook Fabric Destash Groups

These are groups dedicated to buying and selling fabric from person to person.

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9 Ways to Buy Cheap Quilting Fabric  – Video Tutorial