Here's Where You Can Buy Cheap Whole and Scrap Fabric for Quilting

Quilting can be an expensive hobby. The good news about itg is, you can get your hands on amazing, high-quality fabric at affordable prices if you know where to look!

Feel Good Fibres

I heard about Feel Good Fibres on a podcast and looked it up and it had so many beautiful fabrics on it I was gutted that it was the United States only!

Facebook Fabric Destash Groups

You can find a group local to you by searching under groups on Facebook for ‘fabric destash’.

Remnants & Bolt Ends

Most quilt shops, either in shop or on their online store will have a clearance section for remnants, off cuts or bolt ends (sometimes called bale ends or roll ends too).

These can be either half-yard or fat quarter bundles usually made up of clearance fabric that needs to be moved on to make space for new stock.

Lucky Dip

Deadstock Fabric

It is the result of overproduction of a particular line of fabric or sometimes small errors in the fabric printing that makes it unusable for its intended purpose.

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9 Ways to Buy Cheap Quilting Fabric  – Video Tutorial