What I Think About AccuQuilt Go!

I ended up purchasing a secondhand AccuQuilt Go! Cutter off ebay. I actually liked it so much that I also bought some more fabric-cutting dies for the machine.

How does the Fabric Cutter work?

There aren’t actually any blades in the AccuQuiltGo! cutter itself. The blades are in the cutting dies which are essentially boards with cutting blades and foam.

On the Inside

The dies have a foam side and the blades that actually cut the fabric are in there – so you won’t have cut fingers.

The ‘cutter’ is just asserting pressure on the blades in the dies to help it to cut through your fabric.

Top Tips

Make using the AccuQuilt part of your scrap management system by cutting strangely shaped scraps into useful sizes.

Some quilt guilds have AccuQuilt lending libraries where they share dies between them so you don’t have to buy every die.

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