8 Ways to Label your Quilts – and Why You Should!

You’ve almost finished the quilt you’ve been working on. You may want to consider taking the time to put a quilt label on it before you finish.

Ways to Label Your Quilt

Today, I’m going to show you over 8 ways to label your quilts but first a little bit about why you should!

Just like a painter or a photographer will sign their work, a quilter should absolutely “sign” their work as well. It is a work of art after all!


Machine embroidery is a great option. Just choose a design and what you want to include on your label and you’ll be done in no time.

Machine Embroidery


You can make hand-embroidered labels using an ordinary piece of quilting cotton, an embroidery hoop and some embroidery floss.

Hand Embroidery


You can actually make hand-written quilt labels. You can write directly onto a piece of fabric (or even the quilt backing) with a fine-tipped permanent marker.

Fabric Pens


Obviously these labels don’t have the crucial information of your name or the date but you can use either fabric pens or embroidery to add those details in.

Pre-printed Quilt Label Fabric

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