Ways to Add Labels to Your Finished Quilts

I’m going to show you ways to label your quilts, and a little bit about why you should!

Ways to Label Your Quilt

While some may argue it’s not necessary, a good quilt label will identify your quilt, and it’s a great way to give its story a little extra something.

Reasons to Label Your Quilts

A quilt label is a great way for them to know exactly who made it, when it was made, and any other pertinent information.


Many fabric companies sell pre-printed quilt labels on quilting cotton fabric.

Pre-printed Quilt Label Fabric


This method will allow you to include all sorts of things, such as photos, unique fonts, graphics, and so on.

Printable Fabric Quilt Labels


You can machine stitch the twill tape label into the corner and then hand stitch the binding over.

Twill Tape

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