Turn Fleece Scraps into Soft Heart Cushions

I asked the kids what we should make out of the fleece scraps we had and they said rather bafflingly – hearts!

Materials Needed: 

– Fleece fabric – Paper – Pen – Round object – Quilt batting – Batting trimmings – Fleece trimmings – Fabric trimmings – Ribbon

Sew Fleece Scraps together in rows

Sew them in strips right sides together over and over until you have one or several large pieces.

Trace a Heart Template

The easiest way to trace a heart shape is to take one piece of regular printer paper and find something like a bowl or a mug that you can use to trace the top of your heart. 

Starting from one edge of the paper, trace the circle 2/3rds of the way around and then either use a ruler or freehand draw a line to the edge of your paper for the bottom of the heart.

Cut your Fleece Fabric & Batting

Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut around your template but don’t cut along the straight edge where you started and ended your drawn half a heart.

Repeat to cut as many hearts as you can out of your scraps. Use two sizes of templates if needed to get the most out of your fabric.

If you are using Batting – Quilt it in place

If you are going to use batting to line your heart secure it to either side of your heart with a few quilting lines.

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