Trading My Bernina 770QE! 

Trading my Bernina 770QE is a personal experience and I’m just relating it in case it is useful for anyone.

What I Like About the Bernina 770QE

Throat Space. I loved the larger throat space; it was lovely to have lots of space to shove my quilts through. 

I also liked the hover foot feature. When you set it up in the needle-down position you can also set it up so that the foot raises when you stop sewing.

Noise. Also, this machine wasn’t loud and clunky like my old one! Although it wasn’t noiseless, it was much, much quieter.

Thread Jams. For example, frequent thread jams. Too often I would have to stop in the middle of a project to sort out a thread jam.

What I Didn’t Like About the Bernina 770QE

Leaders. Something that I didn’t like was that the Bernina seemed to require me to use leaders when I was piecing.

Stitch Regulator. The Bernina stitch regulator ended up disappointing me as it would constantly give me a warning beep.

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