Top 27 Quilting Books for Modern Scrappy Quilters

This collection of quilting books includes a range of quilting projects and styles from traditional to modern and unique.

Accentuate the Negative

This modern quilt book is all about how to use negative space in modern quilts to make an impact.

This quilting book is a great resource for simple illustrations and easy-to-follow steps to create 30 beautiful quilts efficiently.

Urban Quilting: Quilt Patterns for the Modern-Day Home


It's a hard back book with lovely colour photos and templates - a great coffee table book as well a a great modern quilt book.

Quick & Easy Quilts

This may be the oldest book on the list, but it’s still a favorite book amongst quilters due to its large collection of quilt blocks. 

Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns

Designed in a very easy-to-follow method with a lot of images, it’s easy to follow along. 

Quilting For Beginners: Learn to Quilt in Just a Few Easy Steps

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