The Most Terrible Quilt I've Ever Made {Worst Quilt Ever!} 

I wanted to make a quick and easy orphan block quilt. What I ended up making was my worst quilt ever!

I made lots of quilting mistakes but thankfully I can take some lessons from my experience.

It all started as an idea for a ‘quick and easy’ orphan block quilt using some different-sized quilt blocks and a stack of my husband’s old jeans. Fine in theory, but it all went downhill from there!

What went wrong?

If you are going to make a quilt you kind of just need to be in a creative mindset.

Mistake #1:


I had sections pieced together and when I laid them out together I didn’t like how it looked, so I unpicked the seams! What was I thinking?

My second quilting mistake for this quilt was that I didn’t spend enough time basting my quilt sandwich.

Mistake #2: 

Lazy Quilt Basting

I used my microstitch tag gun to baste this – which has worked for me before –I was in too much of a hurry to get quilting.

If I ever have a quilt like this one that is 80% challenge and 20% fun I am going to have a serious think about whether or not to continue with it.

Quilting Lesson Learned:

Keep it Fun!

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