The Farmer’s Wife Quilt 1930s Sampler Quilt

I started the Farmers Wife 1930’s Quilt back in November 2020. I was working at it regularly for a while and then I dropped the ball! But now, I'm working on it again.

Materials Used – The Farmer's Wife Quilt

– Sewing Machine  – The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt boo – Fabric  – Background Fabric – Backing Fabric  – Thread

Constructing the blocks

There are templates in the book that you can photocopy and cut out. The book also has cutting and piecing instructions, as well as assembly diagrams.

Thoughts on the Farmers Wife Quilt Book

As far as the book itself goes, it is gorgeous. It has lovely bright colors and it’s all set out very attractively inside.

My First 4 Quilt Blocks

I will say that although I have tried foundation paper piecing before, this is definitely the most complicated foundation paper piecing I’ve done so far.

Other Finished Blocks

Some of them are more modern patterns, I kind of just went with the scraps that I had access to when I was making it all.

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The Farmer's Wife Quilt 1930's Sampler – Video Tutorial

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