The Easiest Quilt-as-You-Go Method Ever!

This is a method for joining rows or sections of quilts, not the kind of quilt as you go where you are piecing the block as you quilt. But the beauty of it is there is no hand sewing and no joining strips or sashing strips.

What type of Quilts will this work method work with?

– Large row or column-based quilts that you struggle to fit under your machine to quilt. – Adding Borders to quilts – Block by Block

Step 1: Quilt your first Block, Row, or Section

Choose a block, section or row you want to start with. For my baby quilt, I started with a roughly 10″ block.

Step 2: Cut or Piece your next Section

I choose some orange fabric and cut it about an inch longer than the side of the first ‘block’/section I wanted to join it to.

This is the cool bit, the joining method. So take your quilted first block or section and place it right side facing up.

Step 3: The Joining Method

Then place your second section and lay the top fabric right side facing down on top of that.

Then place your batting for your second section on top of the second section that is now lying wrong side up.

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