The 18 Best Quilters' Sewing Scissors

To help you narrow down which ones you should have in your collection, these are some of the best sewing scissors for quilters we think you’ll like.

The Kai dressmaking shears will provide you with long-lasting sharpness and have become a top favorite for many quilters – despite the dressmaking name.

Kai Dressmaking Shears

You can use these popular pinking shears to give you that zigzag shape of your fabric edges which you get from the serrated blade.

Pinking Shears

Made with a paddle so that you can keep one edge of the fabric away from the blade, these Gingher knife scissors are perfect for applique.

Gingher Knife Applique Scissors

I use them to cut threads, for trimming seams, and sometimes even as a bit of a stiletto to push a wayward seam in the right direction under my presser foot!

Prym Embroidery Scissors

I don’t yet have one of these handy cutters for separating chain piecing but it’s on the wish list!

Clover Quick Thread Cutter

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