Techniques to Use to Make Your Own Fabric From Scraps

Sewers and quilters know that at the end of your sewing projects you are inevitably faced with the pile of fabric scraps leftover after all the trimming and sewing.

Making your own yardage

Some people have elaborate systems for using certain sizes of leftover fabric strips. Here are 5 ways for you to use those small fabric scraps to make your own fabric.

This is a great way to use every last bit of that lovely fabric. It can also be a great memory bank.

How to Make Selvedge Fabric 

Sewing Scraps to Adding Machine Tape - Scrappy Strips

You can cut these down to form parts of traditional quilt blocks.

Irregular Shaped Scraps of the same Color

This tutorial is for the little triangles that get cut off when trimming certain types of quilt blocks or the kinds of strange-shaped scraps you get.

Crumb Quilting Tutorial: No Scrap is too Small!

You can turn small scraps into single quilt blocks, panels for home decor projects or just keep adding and adding to make a huge piece.

Use your tiny pieces of fabric to have a play and make these small improv quilt blocks. Actually, you can make them any size you like but mine are 3.5" square.

Mini Improv Quilt Blocks

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