Sewing Scraps to Adding Machine Tape

While these scrappy strips work especially well for quilt blocks, you can use them anywhere you need long strips of fabric.

Materials Used:

– Adding machine tape – Old store receipts – Fabric remnants – Cutting mat – Rotary cutter – Ruler

What Can You Do with Scrappy Strips?

– Quilt blocks – Sashing strips – Clothing patches – Bookmarks – Soft toys – Picture frame borders – Cushion covers – Mug rugs – Joining strips – Junk journals

Step 1: Set Up Your Paper Strips and Sewing Machine

We’ll use adding paper or some other thin type of paper.

For this project, I’m using fabric pieces that go across the short side. Decide what you’d like to do, and find scraps of fabric that fit.

Step 2: Plan Your Strip and Pick Out Fabric Remnants

Make sure that the fabric pieces go over each edge of the tape, and then sew the pieces together onto the paper.

Step 3: Sew Your First Pieces.

Don’t worry about making your lines super straight; being a little messy just adds to the character of the finished product.

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