Step by Step Guide to Making a Weightloss Quilt

Today I will give you all the details about what a weight loss quilt is and how to make your own.

What is a weight loss quilt?

Rather than recording just weight loss on the scale however I am going to use mine to record my progress in exercising regularly and eating healthy.

The basic idea is that I will make one small and simple block each day (or do 7 at the end of each week) which will record my progress in fabric. 


There are lots of choices you can make about how to use this concept but the important thing is to set the parameters before you start.

Deciding on a ‘Key’ for your Quilt

The background color for my daily quilt blocks will be an indicator of whether or not I ate healthy that day.

Daily Quilt Blocks:

Small Circle = exercised for 10-20 minutes, blue scraps.

Blue circle: 10-20 minutes of exercise

Medium Circle = exercised for 20-40 minutes, orange scraps.

Orange circle: 20 - 40 minutes of exercise

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