Stay Warm This Season With This Fleece Neck Warmer 

These Fleece Neck Warmers will keep you warm and cozy in the cold weather and make great gifts.

You can make this simple reversible fleece neck warmer in less than 15 minutes!

Supplies Needed

– Anti-Pil Fleece Fabric – Matching Thread – Sewing Machine – Scissors – Rotary Cutter

Step 1.

Measure the widest part of the head.

Cut two identical rectangular pieces using size guide for adult or child.

Step 2.

Sew the two pieces right sides together along the long edge on both sides.

Step 3.

Turn the tube inside out and fold in half. Sew the end of the tube closed, from one side seam to the other.

Step 4.

Turn under the raw edges on the other open side and sew closed. Trim threads.

Step 5.

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How to Make a Simple Fleece Neck Warmer Video

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