Scrappy Fabric Cubes

Today, I decided to make fabric cubes. This cube was made exactly the same way as the others except that I literally had to hunt around the house for things to stuff it with.

What is stash busting?

Stash busting basically just means making a bunch of relatively quick projects to clear the decks and start fresh with less clutter.

Materials used:

– Charm pack squares – Squares of batting – Batting trimmings – Toy rattle inserts

The first cube I sewed was a baby toy. You know the little soft cubes they can squish and rattle?

Baby Toy Cube

Doorstop Cube

After I made my baby toy I went on to make a large doorstop – and I didn’t need to use rice or beans to fill it either.

Turn your cube right side out and start filling. You can use batting scraps, fabric trimmings or polyfill to fill your baby toy cube.

Step 5: Fill your Cube.

Step 1: Lay out your squares.

To start, arrange your 6 squares of fabric right side down in a cross or lower case formation.

Step 2: Quilt your sides (optional). 

This step is totally optional but I chose to lightly quilt my charm pack squares onto batting of the same size.

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