Scrap Fabric Bookmark from Teeny Tiny Trimmings

DON’T THROW THOSE TEENY TINY SCRAPS AWAY! There are actually lots of things you can do with them. This story is about just one way – turn them into a Scrap Fabric Bookmark!

Materials Needed:

– Trimmings – Embroidery stabilizer – Ribbon – Sewing machine – Thread – Cutting Mat – Rotary cutter – Pinking shears (optional)

Sort Your Scraps

Super teeny slivers of scrap fabric and leftover thread. It was basically one bag that I had filled with slivers, trimmings, and balls of thread from other sewing and craft projects.

Cut your Embroidery Stabilizer

After that, what you need to do is cut some embroidery stabilizer to roughly the size you want your bookmarks to be.

Fill your Scrap Fabric Bookmark

 My current favorite is to lay the scraps down right side up, roughly overlapping each other in as few layers of fabric as possible – ideally one or two layers to keep the bookmark thin.

Sew like Crazy!

First, you want to sew up the open seams to make sure all your scraps are safely inside your envelope. If you did the sew & stuff method above then you just need to close that last seam.

I did it in a bowl of cold water, but you could also just run them under the tap. You’ll want to rub a bit to make sure it’s all washed off.

Washing Off the Stabilizer

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