Sailboat Quilt: An Easy Quilt Design

I used one sailboat quilt block pattern and built the rest of the quilt around it using fabric remnants and offcuts.

I started my quilt this way because when I searched for a nautical quilt pattern, I just couldn’t find anything that I really liked.

The key is that the block has a division between water and sky at either side of the block.

Sailboat Quilt Block Pattern

You could make a less detailed sailboat using half square triangles and rectangles.

I had bought a bundle of someone else’s leftover blue and navy fabrics.

Fabric Planning

I used the blue waves fabric for the sea and the bird fabric for the sky and I added a pop of red for the bottom of the boat itself.

Building the Quilt around one Quilt Block

Once the FPP block was finished I measured the size of the finished block. I think it was around 12″ plus the seam allowance.

I then pieced strips to either side of the block that were approximately 2/3rds sky and 1/3rd water.

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