Reversible Denim Quilt Made With Old Jeans

I made this quilt reversible and I followed a pattern for the front and pieced the back using improv quilting.

This depends on how big you want your quilt, but here is how many I used. 

How to Cut Up your Jeans to Make a Quilt?

In essence I got 16 fat quarters worth of materials out of 9 & 1/2 pairs of jeans plus one of my husband’s shirts that I used as an accent.

I saved all of the parts of the jeans I didn’t use for my quilt.

Cutting Apart Your Jeans

Instead of doing it block by block, I did what is called ‘chain piecing’ where you sew together the same two pieces for each block over and over again.

Chain Piecing

You then cut your thread when you have sewn them all. Iron the seams and move on to the next step.

Improv sewing, or improv quilt piecing is when you just start sewing pieces together without a plan, which is pretty much what I did.

Denim Quilt – Improv Sewing

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