My First Denim Quilt, a Reversible Quilt Made From Used Jeans 

I am so excited to share my DIY Denim Quilt with you all! It’s been on my upcycling bucket list for some time to make a big quilt picnic blanket from all my old jeans.

It isn’t another word for a blanket. Simply put a quilt is made up of 3 layers. The quilt top, the batting, and the backing.

What is a Quilt?

Quilt Top

The quilt top is the ‘pretty’ side that the quilter tends to spend the most time on.

There are lots of different ways to make a quilt top, but the traditional and still the most common way is to sew small pieces of fabric into blocks.

Quilt Blocks

When you sew the smaller pieces of fabric together to make a block it is referred to as ‘piecing’. That is how I made the quilt top for my Denim Quilt. I pieced 16 blocks. 

Quilt Batting

Quilt batting or wadding is the layer in the middle of the quilt that you don’t see.

It is sandwiched in between the quilt top and the backing which is why quilters often refer to a quilt sandwich when they are in the process of making their quilt.

Quilt Back

The quilt back is traditionally one large piece of fabric or two pieces of the same fabric sewn together.

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