Quotes and Labels Ideas For Your Quilts

When you give the gift of a quilt, the label on the back of the quilt can be a great way to pass on both information and sentiment.

Quotes and Labels Ideas

Today, I’m going to show you ways to label your quilts but first a little bit about why you should!

Just like a painter or a photographer will sign their work, a quilter should absolutely “sign” their work as well. It is a work of art after all!


What says love more than a quilt made especially for the person you love?

Label Quotes for Husbands, Wives & Romantic Partners


Make extra sure your label doesn’t fade by tracing over a printable fabric label.

Printable Fabric Label with a Fabric Pen


You can actually make hand-written quilt labels. You can write directly onto a piece of fabric (or even the quilt backing) with a fine-tipped permanent marker.

Fabric Pens


– Blessed are the children of quilters, for they shall inherit the quilts. – Made with love, cat hair, and a whole lot of cussing.

Funny Quilt Label Sayings

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