Quilting With No Patterns: A Triangular Madness! 

Today, I'll explain my process to give you more confidence in making your own quilts without a pattern.

This method isn’t for everyone but many quilters enjoy the creative process of not knowing exactly how the quilt will turn out until it is finished!

Tips Before You Start Making a Quilt without a Pattern

If you have never quilted without a pattern before and you want to start with something a bit simpler set your parameters more tightly.

This is to stop you from overthinking or getting lost in your own project not knowing where to go next.

Set Boundaries

Making a Start

I pulled out a mix of yellow pink and low volume/white fabrics to start off with.

Some were large pieces – fabric remnants I’d bought to eBay or form quilt fabric scrap bags, and some were smaller scraps.

Once I had done the initial cutting and piecing in pairs I made a slight change of direction, which is something you always have the option to do.

Changing Direction

In this case, the issue was how to add a backing fabric.I had a look through my stash of whites and off whites and decided to work with what I had.

Problem Solving

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