Quilt Block Tutorial Featuring Floral Scraps 

I’ve made 8-inch quilt blocks for this blog post, but you can scale them up or down to suit your needs.

Supplies Needed

– Floral Print Fabric Scraps – Less busy Scrap in a coordinating color – White or Neutral Scrap Fabric – Square quilting ruler – Coordinating thread


To do this, I seek out colors within the floral scraps and match them up with a color of a contrasting print scrap crumb I have in my crumb box.

Pair your Scraps 


Take each pair of scraps and sew right sides together using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Chain Piece Pairs of Scraps


Once you have chain pieced all of the pairings cut them apart and press them. This is where you will want to trim with your rotary cutter so the size of the two pieces line up.

Press & Trim


Using the chain piecing method, add your floral and print center blocks to a scrap strip of white.

Building your Quilt Block

If your florals are lighter in color you could consider a contrasting dark background instead – I would recommend a solid if you are going to go that route.

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Floral Scrap Quilt Block – Video Tutorial