Quilt Design Wall to Visualise Your Designs

Use this tutorial to make your own Quilt Design Wall, which will let you stick quilt blocks, fabric swatches, or in some cases even entire quilt tops to it.

Materials Used:

– Flannel – Heavy Duty Velcro – Thick Cardboard – Duct Tape – Batting

Top Tip #1:

Choose a wall that has as much free space as possible to allow you to make your design quilt wall as large as possible.

Ideally the area of wall that you use won’t have any outlets, windows or other things to work around.

If you want the design wall to be removable, use a sturdy backing board rather than cardboard.

Top tip #2:

Use some heavy-duty velcro. The kind that holds up to 7kg of weight.

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Making a Quilt Design Wall – Video Tutorial