Quilt Blocks With Fabric Strips

This is a fun and easy quilt block pattern. It’s quick to put together and perfectly sized for using up 2.5″ squares and 2.5″ jelly roll strips.

Supplies Needed

– From your Background Fabric cut (2)  – From Accent Fabric 1 cut (2)  – From Accent Fabric 2 cut (4)

Cut and arrange your fabric.

Step 1: Lay out patches

Place accent fabric 2 right sides together with accent fabric 1 and use a quarter-inch seam allowance to join along the right side of accent fabric 1.

Step 2: Chain Piece

Chain piece all 4 sets of patches through your machine one after the other without cutting your thread.

Clip each accent fabric unit from the back of your chain and add your background fabric.

Do this on the right sides together to accent fabric 2 and continue sewing with your quarter-inch seam until you have 4 ‘rows’ or block units that will be joined.

Once you have 4 rows, sew right sides together in sets of 2 following the layout in the fabric requirements image above.

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