Quilt Block Patterns for Your Quilting Practise

Find some fun quilt blocks today's story to help you make the most of all those lovely bits of fabric.

Free Scrap Fabric Quilt Block Patterns

Chain-piece them to make a full scrap quilt or keep a few of these ideas to hand as you finish other projects and make a block at a time.

My favorite type of scrap quilting is color-coordinated. So more often than not my crumb quilt blocks are sorted by color too.

One Crumb Quilt Block 

Crumb Quilting Tutorial

Putting these crumbs together can be a lovely bit of fun mindless sewing and by creating a few rules for yourself.

Big Scraps Quilt Block 

This is a fab scrappy quilt block for larger scraps. It makes a huge 20.5" block.

This tutorial is all about how to make some creative improv quilt blocks from the leftovers from your other blocks.

Scrappy Improv 3.5" Quilt Blocks

A huge quilt block that is great for different-sized scraps and leftovers is this big somewhat wonky star block.

Easy Big Star Quilt Block - 20.5" Block!

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