How to use Fleece for Quilt Backing

Today I’ll give you my guide as well as my impressions on No-Batting Self-Binding, Fleece Quilt with Batting and Cotton Binding, and Cotton Binding Without Binding.

Method 1: No Batting, Self-Binding

The first quilt I attempted with a fleece back was this one with the wine and pink coloured blocks. It is a bit bigger than a baby quilt at 41″ x 57″.

This method wasn't all perfect I’ll admit but it didn’t look as stretched out of place as I expected it might!

Method 2: Fleece Quilt Back with Batting & Cotton Binding

This one is actually my favourite of the three. One because I used batting, and two because of the simple quilting design.

I think this quilt is much cuddly and cozier with the extra layer of the batting. I also think it makes the quilting look nicer.

Method 3: Fleece Quilt Back, Cotton Binding, No Batting

The top started off with just one of the hexi blocks – this one with multicoloured butterflies at the centre.

I then added multiple borders in bright colours to match the butterflies and make the quilt that baby size.

Final Thoughts

I found fleece to be an easy fabric to baste as well as easy to quilt and I think it makes lovely cozy quilts with nice defined quilting designs.

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