Quilt Backing Ideas For A Beautiful Quilt Finish

If need a back for your quilt sandwich so you can get everything quilted, bound, and finished, here are ways ways to back your quilt.

Here, you'll piece together two or three pieces of the same fabric to create one large piece of fabric for your quilt back.

Simple Pieced Quilt Back from One Fabric


This is for when you don’t actually have enough yardage in your stash to piece the backing from just one print.

Two-Tone Fabric Quilt Backing

Duvet Covers & Sheets as Quilt Backing

I use secondhand duvet covers for quilt backing quite a lot. It’s a simple way to get one large piece of fabric at a fraction of the cost.

You can do this by using a single stripe of fabric, or you can use a scrappy pieced stripe.

Scrappy Strip Quilt  Back Extension

This is a good way to use leftover fabric, fat quarters, and other larger pieces of fabric.

Pieced Stashbuster Quilt Backing

This is my favorite way to back a quilt. It is easy to work with and it makes quilts extra cuddly and soft.

Fleece Quilt Backing

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