Quilt-As-You-Go Denim Quilt Blocks

This is a fun idea for repurposing your old blue jeans.

This denim quilt block also uses quilting scraps, left over the ends of quilt binding strips.

Supplies Needed

– Denim Squares – Long fabric strips – Thread – Batting squares

Step 1. Prepare your Denim & Batting Squares.

Cut your batting and denim squares to the same size.

Step 2. Pick your Quilting Scraps.

Next, it’s time to pick your scraps. You need one strip per block. I love mixing quilting cotton with denim – it gives a great pop of color and a different texture.

Quilt 3-4 evenly spaced lines through both the denim and batting. 

Step 3. Quilt the Denim Blocks.

Your quilting lines will go edge to edge – no need to leave space around the edges.

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