Patchwork Improv Quilt Squares

At the end of an evening, when I’m too tired to work properly on whatever my main sewing project is, I make a couple of scrap fabric improv quilt squares to wind down.

When I started making these squares and out of the different sizes that were in the pack it just seemed a manageable size!

Three and a Half Inch Squares

Because I have a quilt in mind for them, I am trying to use either white or black on the edge of each square and the colored scraps in the middle.

Background Fabric

The idea is that when I sew them together it will look like little peekaboo color on a somewhat homogenous background – albeit they aren’t the same whites because they are scraps too!

I start with two pieces not necessarily exactly the same size, but relatively small – crumbs essentially.

Here is how I do it:

Then I pick another piece and maybe lay it at an angle. I’ve show above where I would sew and what I would trim off.

Then repeat again with the next piece. I personally iron in between each piece but I know many other folk would probably just finger press to make the whole process faster.

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