Organise Your Sewing Room at No Cost 

Today is all about how I completely overhauled and reorganized my sewing room without spending any money!

I’m going to show you how I upcycled and reused things I already owned to reorganise my space and make it work better for me.

For loose papers and quilt magazines, I made magazine holder files out of old cereal boxes and more of the leftover wallpaper.

Magazine Holders & Shelf Storage

I have 3 small drawers in my dresser/hutch where I can store things I don’t need to see all the time.

Divided Drawer Storage

I used some leftover super pretty wallpaper from a wall art project and taped them to the inside of the front of the boxes.

My clear storage bin makeover

I then printed labels on my home printer and cut them up.

At the moment, the dish drying rack is holding 3 pairs of large scissors – and a DIY binding tool that I use anytime I bind a quilt.

Wall Storage

I have an old wicker Christmas hamper with a lid that I am using as my day to day scrap bin for pieces that are far too small.

Easy Access Storage

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