One Color Crumb Quilt Block Tutorial

Crumb quilting is a great way to create some pretty spectacular small quilts, quilt blocks for larger quilts, or any other sewing project you don’t want to purchase new fabric for. 

Materials Needed – One Color Crumb Quilt Block

– Sewing machine – Sewing thread – Rotary cutter – Bits of fabric – Ironing board


It does look a little bit nicer if the shades are grouped together. I try to find the smallest pieces to start with. 

Sort your fabric scraps by color


I try to find pieces that are similar in size. Then line them up, right sides to right sides with a shared edge.

Line your crumbs up


The idea is to add to your original crumb and just keep adding to it and getting bigger and bigger, working to create one bigger square shape.

Chain piece the crumbs together


When I feel like I have enough pieces together, I cut the thread. 

Each time I add a crumb to another piece, I take them to my wool pressing mat and press the seams with my iron to one side.


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One Color Crumb Quilt Block–  Video Tutorial