No Scrap is Too Small in Crumb Quilting

After making a quilt top we can often be left with lots of small pieces of fabric that we don’t know what to do with. 

Make the most of your small fabric scraps by turning them into crumb quilt blocks! 

In terms of fabric, a crumb is a small scrap of fabric that is usually a square or a rectangle.

What is a crumb?


Collect all your scrap pieces of fabric together in a pile. I used neutral tones and low-volume fabrics for most of it.

Sort your crumbs by color if desired.


I sew those two pieces together with a scant quarter-inch seam and then find a third piece to add to one side.

Start with one of your smallest crumbs.


Each time I add a crumb to another piece I then press the seams with my iron to keep everything flat. 

Iron as you go.


This helps you to make as much use of as many of those little pieces as possible.

Work in Sections.

Swipe up for the full tutorial!

Crumb Quilting Video Tutorial